How Much Do Health Insurance Agents Earn Per Policy?

Health insurance agents play a crucial role in securing people's lives. They bridge the gap between health insurance companies and potential customers. Nowadays, becoming a health insurance advisor has become a thriving profession as people earn more with complete flexibility. Wondering how much they earn per policy? Keep reading to find out!.

How Much Do Health Insurance Agents Earn Per Policy?

Understanding the Role of Health Insurance Agent

A health insurance agent is a Point of Sale Person (POSP) who guides and sells health coverage on behalf of the insurance provider. They understand the unique coverage needs of their potential customers and tailor the health plan for them accordingly. POSP agents work directly with health insurance companies to ensure that everyone is financially protected against medical emergencies.

Besides this, health insurance advisors also provide after-purchase policy support, such as premium payment, policy renewals, claim assistance, and so on, to policyholders.

How Much Do Health Insurance Agents Earn?

The first impression of any profession is “Competitive Salary.” Indeed, you have to study hard to get into the most rewarding professions. But if you become a health insurance agent, you have the golden opportunity to earn more by working from home.

Generally, the earnings of health insurance agents can vary widely based on several factors, including their location, level of experience, the type of insurance they sell, the size of their client base, and whether they work independently or for an agency.

To put it simply, top-performing agents with extensive experience and a substantial client base could potentially earn six-figure incomes or more.

Benefits of Becoming a Health Insurance Agent

The section below highlights the advantages of becoming a health insurance agent:

  • Work Remotely:

    Whether you live in a metropolitan city or in rural areas, POSP advisors can work from anywhere across the globe. There are no geographical restrictions for individuals to become POSP health insurance advisors.

  • Flexible Timings:

    One of the great benefits of joining this profession is that you can work anytime at your convenience. There are no fixed shift times for health insurance agents.

  • No Investment:

    Unlike other business ideas, the health insurance business is one of the best and most rewarding ones. This is because you don’t have to make any investments to become an insurance advisor.

  • Start Earning Early:

    Doesn't it feel like a proud moment, when you start taking responsibility at a young age? You can experience this feeling by becoming a health insurance advisor. The minimum age criterion is 18 years, enabling you to earn while doing studies.

Process To Apply For Health Insurance Agent

Firstly, you need to apply to become a health insurance agent if you want to earn money by selling insurance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Visit the POSP website of InsuranceDekho or download the IDedge application.
  • Create your account by providing some personal information.
  • Submit your PAN card details to complete the KYC process. Additionally, share the same with the quality check team at ID for the validation process.
  • Complete the mandatory health insurance training.
  • Qualify and get certification in the exam.
  • Now, you can start selling health insurance.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, health insurance agents earn different amounts depending on the type of coverage they sell, their location, and many other factors. In the insurance landscape, becoming a health insurance advisor is one of the most profitable and thriving professions. So, apply now to become a health insurance POSP agent with InsuranceDekho!

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