Day in the Life of POSP Insurance Agent

Before applying for any vacancy, we get familiar with its job description, which answers the following questions: “What would be the activities on which I would have to work?” “What are my day-to-day goals?" And lastly, “Are any training sessions organized to hone my skills?” Like any other professional, an individual who is planning to become an insurance agent must be stressing about how their life would be as an insurance agent. In this article, we’ll explain to you the everyday tasks that an insurance agent must have to perform along with the benefits of becoming one.


Who is a POSP Insurance Agent?

A POSP insurance agent is an individual who guides customers for investment in different insurance plans. The services are offered to the customers in exchange for a stipulated fee. Any person who wants to become an insurance agent must have got a license issued by the IRDAI. However, listed below are the criteria that you must fulfil to get the license issued for yourself.

  • A license issued by the State Board
  • Certificate of CFP along with good command of communication skills
  • Must be updated about new product launches and seminars attended for the latest products

What does a POSP Insurance Agent's Day Look Like?

A POSP Insurance agent assist's people in planning their future goals by advising on the best insurance policies. In addition to this, an insurance agent performs various activities. Some of the crucial responsibilities of an insurance agent are listed below.

  • Customer Communication:

    Starting from dusk to dawn, the majority of an insurance agent's day is spent communicating with existing or new clients. In addition to this, they may also spend their time doing follow-up calls and confirming the appointment timings. The potential customers either send emails, SMS, or voice calls to connect with their potential customers. Above all, the POSP insurance agents might need to communicate with insurance firms for a variety of reasons, such as communicating an application decision or assisting with the underwriting process.

  • Customer Meetings:

    As there are many insurance policies offering a unique set of benefits and advantages, the insurance agent helps customers understand all the concepts associated with the plans. Furthermore, an insurance agent helps clients understand various financial risks that may arise in the future. Thus, they use a need analysis approach to determine the amount and type of insurance coverage that would be most beneficial for the customers.

  • Search for Prospectus and Reminders:

    Another activity on the to-do list of an insurance agent is giving policy renewal reminders to its customers. They ensure that a policyholder must renew their insurance policy beforehand so it doesn’t expire. Aside from this, an insurance agent may also suggest new plan options to the insured in case he or she is not satisfied with their existing plan. Agents also use a portion of their time to hunt for new leads. Most agents prefer to collect leads through word-of-mouth from their existing customers.

  • Attend Workshops and Training:

    The insurance sector keeps updating its product line and implementing changes in laws and regulations. Thus, it is important for an insurance agent to be updated about all the new products and laws to provide relevant information to insurance seekers.

What are the benefits of Becoming a POSP Insurance Agent?

Here are some of the reasons why being an insurance agent is a great profession.

  • Early Age Earning:

    Becoming an insurance agent is as simple as baking cake. An individual can start earning right after completing their senior and secondary education. This means that just after passing your 12th grade, you can begin to earn money.

  • Flexible Working Environment:

    Being an insurance agent will allow you to become an entrepreneur. As insurance agents work independently, they can work anywhere, anytime. Thus, they have a flexible schedule and work according to their convenience.

  • No-investment Business Opportunity:

    Being an entrepreneur without investing in anything must sound like a dream to you, but it is possible. You can become an insurance agent and start your own business without any monetary investment. However, the profession may demand your time and effort.

  • Income Stability:

    The insurance agent can earn as much money as they want. Either by selling an insurance policy each day or by helping people renew their existing plan, the person can create a pool of funds.

  • Expert Guidance:

    You get an opportunity to improve your personal and professional skills once you associate with any renowned insurance company to become an insurance agent. The companies may also train you in the insurance sector by organizing workshops and training sessions.


A day in the life of an insurance agent revolves around various activities. They play a key role in guiding customers about insurance, assisting them in choosing the right plan that suits their needs, and securing them financially by selling insurance policies.

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